Friday, April 25, 2008

Today's Rant by The Divaliscious

This week's rants on the so called stars...

I guess Lindsey Lohan still loves to party - she's got a gal pal who loves to DJ, got a little cramp in the DJ booth - well before you know it, an arrest was made...Lohan-Ronson Club Crasher Arrested - E! Online

Now Gary Coleman (40 years old) is no longer Stroked, since he is getting divorced. Not only is he separating ways with his wife (22 years old) - I do not know which is worse of the three: getting divorced, being married to him in the first place or being on TV's Divorce Court (May 1st or 2nd) to let it all air out. Gary Coleman's Divorce Strokes - E! Online

Well, I am sure you have heard about it now, but you better pay the tax man, it seems at if Wesley Snipes cannot avoid jail time. Ouch!

Keep the plastic on your couches and sofas, it seems as if Tom Cruise will come to the Oprah show once again!

And Amy is possibly off the band wagon, sources say she not only behaved poorly the other night at London's night clubs, but move over Lindsey, she was arrested for assault...Report: Amy Winehouse arrested on suspicion of assault - Yahoo! News

Well so much is going on, I am afraid to look at the real news of the world...please you stars, think of better things to do with your time off! Try yoga!

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