Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Fashion Hems Untrimmed at Fashion Runway

It seems that Nina Garcia formally the fashion editor at Elle Magazine is looking for a different fashion way of life. You may recall that Nina Garcia was one of the judges on the famed Fashion Runway show that recently has taken its show off to Lifetime.

No word from either parties, Nina or from Elle Magazine as to what happen for her to leave so suddenly. But I am sure she will do great things - she was been there at Elle since the year 2000, that even I would get a little crinkle in my fabric if I worked for just one company for so long.

Further more, neither Nina or the beloved Michael Kors have yet to sign up for the next season over at Lifetime. We shall see what happens - it would be a huge shame to not see them - I really feel they make up what I would call the right ingredients of people that only help make this show the huge success that it really it already.

Feel free to read more about it on E! News - Nina Garcia Out at Elle?

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