Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My New Life as a Dental Patient

Now I wish my teeth looked like this, but alas, they don't. So I have finally come to terms and have decided to help my Dentist put their child through private school. I had no other choice. I will not go into all the lurid details of what's wrong with my teeth - at least I have some teeth left for her to work on and for me to be billed for in helping offset the cost of sending her child to private school. There are also new teeth she will create for me - sounds like so much fun!

This information of my sponsoring her child came to me rather unintentionally. So there I was sitting in her office as she went over the plan of work detailing every cavity that would need to be reworked, while I looked up at her books and saw the application and details to which school she was hoping to send her child. Now the funds she has received I could have bought myself a very very nice used car quite frankly. Or, I could have gone kept going around trying to avoid root canal, let me see which is more painful....hmm.

She would also tell me that by adding a few implants now would help prevent any further bone loss, especially for someone so young as I. Now one, when did I become so young as of late? And two, I'm losing bone - I thought that happens only to "older" people? Yeesh. So I am fortunate enough to have said funds to help put their child through schooling, the least my dentist could do is at least introduce to me the child I will be putting through their first year of private school. And if the dentist was really nice, she let me tell the kid how to pass those horrid exams. See I too went through private school. Somehow, though they never concentrated on making me brush my teeth. You think with the cost of said dental work they could have warned me, or at least prepared me better.

Oh well, so here I am, a proud sponsor of a child I will probably never meet while I get new and fixed teeth I can use to chew food with. Now of course, I've been going to see the dentist twice weekly for at least several months now. The one crown looks like great work with one root canal she completed after I came to her with horrendous pain. Do, do yourself a favor and see the Dentist at any first sign of pain. If I told you what I went through, you would actually laugh at me much more than you already are. It was actually quite funny. But that's an entirely different day and night saga that lasted a few agonizing weeks.

Office Organizing Update

Well this is what it looked like awhile ago. I have made some changes, but hence when I return from the dentist today, I will up my ice tea intake and get quite caffeinated! To the left are my "dream boards" which you may have seen exampled on "The Secret". I hadn't actually looked at them lately, and I discovered when I did look at them recently, that several of my so called "wishes" had actually came true. I was amazed. It made me think this stuff actually works.

On the other wall which is not seen has art from other people placed all over it. This room was meant to inspire.

Quite frankly it has become such an eyesore that it is hard at times to attack it. Especially since I have attacked this room plenty of times in attempts to organize it once and for all. And oddly, it has looked better each time. But yet, never is quite finished - just like cleaning house. Just when you finished one room, the other rooms calls for help. So I got to do something and fast!

I made up my list of "to do's" for today, and oddly, not one item (of a listed 20 or so items) did this list mention coming into this room. How odd and easily we procrastinate doing things we wish were done for us. For example, I am blogging while I should be getting ready for the dentist. Actually, they are a short five minutes away and I usually have to wait five or so minutes anyway. And why is it, that the Dentist asks you a question, with their fingers in your mouth along with various dental instruments, and these questions require at least a thesis to answer? How can one do this with all that in your mouth? I ponder that one all the time. It's simply funny. Well off I am to go to the dentist and be back to organize the office today.