Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Demi Moore a bit Demiless on Letterman Promotes Flawless

I happen to love late night television. I do not have a favorite show, but do confess I do love my Monday Night Headlines with Jay Leno, which I caught last night. I then surfed over to watch Demi Moore promote her new movie "Flawless" which also stars Michael Caine on David Letterman's show. It was then I thought to write this post.

I was surprised at Demi's obvious nervousness last night on David Letterman's show. This woman is normally quite strong and exudes mountain's of confidence. She has been on his show enough times that I was actually stunned to see her keep flinching her hair away from her face. I wondered what was causing her nerves to be a jitter. You could hear it in her laugh, how reserved her speech was and how she really didn't barely mention the movie at all except at the end.

The one time she seemed to be 'herself' was when we did hear her speak about her leech therapy - now I have heard about leech therapy for sometime. No, I would not personally go about having leeches placed on my body. But, hey, when you are in the business of looking good, and frankly having to look not only good but excellent at any turn and time, I am sure many celebrities have tried many surreal therapies to make staying younger-looking longer. And in fact, leech therapy has helped thousands during life threatening surgeries. So, I am sure Demi knows what she is doing. It's her body, her mind and her life.

Now most people would have not even caught what I caught last night on Letterman, but the TV does not lie, and while watching her body language as she spoke, a lot was said than was unsaid. I am not about to propose anything that may or may not be happening in her life to cause this side of her to show...that is not my rant today. Nor is it my rant to chastise her in anyway either. In fact I believe Demi Moore has done some outrageous things that have brought good to all and she has done a lot more with her production companies than most people even know about. Here is where her success lies.

Furthermore, I am not trying to put in a dig at her actually, really I am not, but found myself wondering what's going on in her life that would make her act this way. Now I know doing press junkets to promote one's movies is never a fun task for actors and musicians alike, especially when it's one after the other. It can get easily very tiring, but she chose Letterman's show for the first large audience. And I assumed she chose this venue to help promote her new movie which has a fabulous look to 'it' with its filming style reminiscent of old-styled film movies, since she has always had great experience on Letterman's show.

Many people love her, and they should. But one last thing about her looks, I would have hoped her dress was simply one inch longer - the doll length is more suitable for Miley Cyress or one of Demi's daughters, I don't care about her knees, whether they showed wrinkles or not (they didn't!) and if they looked great (which they did) with I am sure a lot of work she must have done in exercise and possible surgery - but one inch longer in the dress length would have made the dress and her look more sophisticated, taller and lady-like. And lastly her hair, I wish she would have long bangs or something. She does have a rather good sized forehead, she has been wearing this look for sometime now, and could do with a new 'doo' - please Demi, I beg of you! You are a beautiful woman, but the Scarlet Letter filming is over, and so is that look.

I see she has donned on an accent for her new movie with Michael Cane, - "Flawless" we shall see if it pans out. In the movie clip we saw, she slipped out of the British accent several times. The look of the movie is great, though the story-line is a bit elusive since I believe it would ruin it for people due to the movie's twists and turns. I certainly hope is does well for them and all involved with the making of this film.

Here's a quick description of the movie that will be released this Friday: " Laura Quinn, a bright, driven and beautiful executive at the London Diamond Corporation finds herself frustrated by a glass ceiling after years of faithful employment, as man after man is promoted ahead of her despite her greater experience. Hobbs, the nighttime janitor at London Diamond, is virtually invisible to the executives that work there, but over the years has amassed a startling amount of knowledge about how the company runs. Hobbs has his own bone to pick with London Diamond. Observing Laura's frustration, he convinces her to help him execute an ingenious plan to steal a hefty sum in diamonds. But unbeknownst to Laura, Hobbs plans go even farther than he's let on, and together they set in motion a thrilling heist of dizzying proportions, the likes of which London has never seen. "

Oh Meow...what a way to start a Tuesday Morning!

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

10 Fun, Artsy, Interactive and Interesting Sites on the Web

I was surfing as we all do occasionally when we need to take a break and recently discovered one site that really enhances one's surfing experience. And upon recently finding stumbleupon.com my surfing days are refreshed with interesting websites I would never have found any of the the sites mentioned below using conventional searching terms. It is with stumbleupon.com that I found all of the following sites.

If you are interested, check it out, select your preferences and start stumbling - I found amazing food sites, art sites, photography and funny sites I couldn't keep bookmarking them. You are allowed to rate a site as well. It is also a social network, but frankly I haven't been feeling particularly social as of late (very anti-Divaliscious of me I know), but at least I am sharing a few things with you. You can also pre-select what sort of subject matter you would like to stumble upon.

Try it, it's free and fun.

I will try and create themes for my search results that I share here in my many blogs. Please note, no money is made by me for pushing any of these websites or by clicking on them either - a new window will open when you do click. I just thought they were cool enough to share - simple as that.

Today's theme: 10 Fun, Artsy, Interactive and/or Interesting Sites on the Web
  1. Just in case you didn't know what to do with a one dollar bill, here's one thing you can do - though this would be fun with a $100- bill as a gift to a nephew whose been extra good this year..The Shirt

  2. Think you know a killer just by looking at their photograph? Just by looking at these images, can you correctly select which of these are serial killers vs. serious computer programmers? This site is calling this their killerquiz.

  3. Is your mouth full of food? Next time you feel like you need an extra piece of cheesecake, think of this chipmunk - funny and cute but oh so real photos: Chipmunk eating beyond belief.

  4. Need something a little extra different for your artistic kid whose studying science? Then check out this, it was an interesting art project combining artists of all levels creating a periodic table of elements - as each artist has an element they chose, they then had to create a print representing the element. If you are interested, then check out the Printmaking Periodic Table of Elements Project.

  5. Want a different life? Look at this then, and take a peek at one person's experiences at becoming Hunter S. Thompson's personal assistant. Warning: hard language used. I was a little shocked and learned I was and am very happy with the life I do have - no need to change - but if you feel your voyeur coming on and out a bit...check out Gonzo Girl - I was Hunter S. Thompson's Assistant.

  6. Need a reminder? This site will not only remind you, they will nag you via email at semi-unpredictable intervals. Do you need some help for stopping smoking, eating better, etc. then this is for you. For nag-lovers everywhere...Get Your Nag On!

  7. Need something artsy to do with the kids? This site has it all. Great site for older kids too when they have to babysit younger kids... simply print out the project and its directions, and voila - something almost anyone can do with paper or fabric. Site is called Yasutomo.com

  8. Ok This one is fun - we have all heard of Mr. Potato, but have you heard of Mr. Picasso Head? I didn't think so. This site allows you to create your own Picasso's using pre-selected strokes and images of Picasso's own hand to create unique one-of-kind art - safe for all ages...Mr. Picasso Head

  9. This is yet another fun interactive site allowing you to create art for
    art sake
    . Safe for kids everywhere. Have fun selecting colors and types
    of strokes and watch your finished art be re-drawn too. You can save
    your art and look at others' art works. Artpad.com

  10. Have you ever made art on a dirty car? This was simply amazing, you may never want to wash your car again, if this guy lived in your neighborhood. Some of you maybe have seen this already, but what this guy does with a paintbrush and a dirty car window is simply amazing: Never Wash Your Car Again Art.
Let me know if you liked any of the sites I found, or if you found a site you relish, let me know that too.

Tata all, happy safe surfing...