Tuesday, December 4, 2007

My New Life as a Dental Patient

Now I wish my teeth looked like this, but alas, they don't. So I have finally come to terms and have decided to help my Dentist put their child through private school. I had no other choice. I will not go into all the lurid details of what's wrong with my teeth - at least I have some teeth left for her to work on and for me to be billed for in helping offset the cost of sending her child to private school. There are also new teeth she will create for me - sounds like so much fun!

This information of my sponsoring her child came to me rather unintentionally. So there I was sitting in her office as she went over the plan of work detailing every cavity that would need to be reworked, while I looked up at her books and saw the application and details to which school she was hoping to send her child. Now the funds she has received I could have bought myself a very very nice used car quite frankly. Or, I could have gone kept going around trying to avoid root canal, let me see which is more painful....hmm.

She would also tell me that by adding a few implants now would help prevent any further bone loss, especially for someone so young as I. Now one, when did I become so young as of late? And two, I'm losing bone - I thought that happens only to "older" people? Yeesh. So I am fortunate enough to have said funds to help put their child through schooling, the least my dentist could do is at least introduce to me the child I will be putting through their first year of private school. And if the dentist was really nice, she let me tell the kid how to pass those horrid exams. See I too went through private school. Somehow, though they never concentrated on making me brush my teeth. You think with the cost of said dental work they could have warned me, or at least prepared me better.

Oh well, so here I am, a proud sponsor of a child I will probably never meet while I get new and fixed teeth I can use to chew food with. Now of course, I've been going to see the dentist twice weekly for at least several months now. The one crown looks like great work with one root canal she completed after I came to her with horrendous pain. Do, do yourself a favor and see the Dentist at any first sign of pain. If I told you what I went through, you would actually laugh at me much more than you already are. It was actually quite funny. But that's an entirely different day and night saga that lasted a few agonizing weeks.

Office Organizing Update

Well this is what it looked like awhile ago. I have made some changes, but hence when I return from the dentist today, I will up my ice tea intake and get quite caffeinated! To the left are my "dream boards" which you may have seen exampled on "The Secret". I hadn't actually looked at them lately, and I discovered when I did look at them recently, that several of my so called "wishes" had actually came true. I was amazed. It made me think this stuff actually works.

On the other wall which is not seen has art from other people placed all over it. This room was meant to inspire.

Quite frankly it has become such an eyesore that it is hard at times to attack it. Especially since I have attacked this room plenty of times in attempts to organize it once and for all. And oddly, it has looked better each time. But yet, never is quite finished - just like cleaning house. Just when you finished one room, the other rooms calls for help. So I got to do something and fast!

I made up my list of "to do's" for today, and oddly, not one item (of a listed 20 or so items) did this list mention coming into this room. How odd and easily we procrastinate doing things we wish were done for us. For example, I am blogging while I should be getting ready for the dentist. Actually, they are a short five minutes away and I usually have to wait five or so minutes anyway. And why is it, that the Dentist asks you a question, with their fingers in your mouth along with various dental instruments, and these questions require at least a thesis to answer? How can one do this with all that in your mouth? I ponder that one all the time. It's simply funny. Well off I am to go to the dentist and be back to organize the office today.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Starting My Diet Now Before the Holidays Get Me Any Richer

I start this posting session with just finishing a phone conversation with a health club sales person who is eager of course to take my money and hopefully take some of my fat. I am proud of people who can manage to eat healthily. And what about those people who seem never to gain any weight despite what they eat? You know those types. Ugh! Lucky them I say. These of course are the same people who can take any item off a clothing rack regardless how ugly, throw it on, and voila, they look like they are on their way to the next red carpet event.

I had an aunt, not biological, but that's not important now to this story, who was one of those Truman Capote's fag hags, when such a term was used. She was an accessory to the "couple" and was aptly dressed for the occasion for which she joined the two men on their "outing". These are only some of the stories she shared with me including this one: she was one of those slender ladies who later wore a minimizer bra when she was already a size A cup. I didn't get the need to make her already small sized breasts even 'smaller" She had the looks and grandeur of Audry Hepburn and lived her life accordingly filled with a rich life of important galas and fancy dinner guests.

Again, lucky her. She was one of "those" people. She was anorexic long before is was popular to be anorexic. Now for me, I was never one of those gals. I was always a healthy up and down weight girl growing up way too soon before my very own eyes in womanly development. I started growing breasts by fourth grade, and after much pleading, my mother finally took me to Macy's for my first bra, which was a full size B, thank you very much. If you only knew the embarrassment to finally getting a bra when you really really needed one. Ouch! But enough of my emotional preteen stress I may have grown up with.

Though that same Aunt did give me this advise when I told her how I was having trouble with her sister, my Mother tantalizing me with brownies when I was trying to lose or keep of the weight - she said, "screw your mother, be skinnier than her!" Sounds like there was always competition between those two. Can you imagine anything like that being said to you?

Now despite my early growth spurt, us American women somehow always have a hard time loving our bodies, not all of us have this problem of course, nor am I particularly blaming any one company or person or even a family member. I would love to learn the mystic of French women on how they manage to have their cake and eat it too attitude. I recall one trip to Paris at 15 years of age. I was inside a changing stall requesting yet another larger size of pants. In New York I would have been a missy size 11, but there was no such size available to me at this store nor at any other store in Paris. And of course, this time in fashion was attributed to those skinny legged jeans which of course just came back in style 2 years ago, which brought back to me, my Paris changing room nightmares I had while there 20 years prior.

Then again, once at around the age of 19, I found myself back in France. This time in the French Riviera. I can still see it in my eyes now. A woman roughly 60 years of age, all tanned of course, in a bikini, with all her stomach and stretch marks to see, but she proudly showed them off as if to say...I am proud of these and I do not care about my slouching and droopy stomach. I was simply amazed. So now I am in my forties with the same stretch marks, and there is no way in Hell I will ever find my body in a bikini. - And that's whether I ever get tanned again or if I am in France again.

Confused? Yeah, so am I. How did I get this plump, which is a very nice way of calling the size that I am currently. I have been up and down my entire life and have lately decided enough is enough. So I have made the appointment with the health club for Monday and I am sure I cannot wait (umm i mean weight) to see myself getting weighed. But I did get a Doctor's check up first, I am all cleared for exercise, so that's one thing I did right. Nor am I all psyched up to grab that old bathing suit to swim with all my thighs hanging out for the pool swans to see, but I must forget about them and focus simply on me. And this I think is where it starts to get dicey for us Women. To start thinking about ourselves for once.

In fact, I think this is where it basically starts for all of us women. The fact that we do not think about us, but put people higher up on a pedestal than we need to. Some of these celebrities have had plastic surguries, all sorts of things sucked out of them, plumped back in and stuff lifted, not to mention the 24-7 on call chefs at their disposal. But this is what we have to compare ourselves to. Can you recall the first time when you were a kid wishing you were different than you actually were, do you recall when looking at your girlfriend and wishing your hair was like hers, or that you wished you were taller, or (insert whatever your wish was). We start so very young today wishing we were someone else but ourselves. Our true selves. I find this so sad, and to think I have always known this, I still find myself wishing something else different of me.

If we only knew how much those glossy magazines get airbrushed, how spider veins seem to vanish, breasts and rumps get plumper and seem to defy gravity for those in their 60's which is now the new 50. Thank God, I have something to look forward to when I turn 50 in eight more years - I will still be in my "forties" but yet, still past Jack Benny's age of 39. Hmm...Go Figure, literally.

We (us women) give and give to others and forget to give to ourselves unless of course if its that big ice cream bowl at the end of the night, or the occasional bowl of popcorn. So with all this giving and it being time for Thanksgiving, I have decided to give myself at least a two month try at a local health club and see if I can give myself some time on one of those exercise machines and get my arms to less jiggle and my tummy to less juggle and my thighs to less jelly. And if all goes right, I will finally start the new year with giving myself I truly need, a new lease on life!

Stay tuned, to see how I do on my first day after initiation. Or if I stay with this program at all.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finding Time - Or how to squeeze an hour into 30 minutes

Do you ever have the feeling you don't have enough time in the day. Do you find yourself boggled by the amount of blogs you have and forget about keeping up with all the blog subscriptions you have. And what about reading your emails, let alone the daily paper. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that is coming your way? Lest shall we say do you feel completely inadequate to keep up with the young Jones across the street who have outsourced their reading and updating of all blogs?

Well if you said yes to any one of those questions above, you are not alone! That is for sure! I just saw some short story (that's all I had time to while watching the morning news) of some guy's new book on how to have the four hour work week. He outsourced almost everything except for having sex with his partner.

Yeah, a four hour work week, get real? Some of us barely even have a 50 hours work week, and what about the people who work from home now? Are their work hours not over exceeded by 60 more or so? Of course! So all I have say to this is man Time Flies when you are trying to get things done.

My recommendation is simply to forgo making the bed, outsource everything to someone feeding your pets and family, let someone else sleep with your partner, in fact you should simply outsource your going to the bathroom - that would save at least 20 minutes in a 24 hour period, for sure!

In fact, outsource this blog! Tootle-loo - my five minutes of your time is up!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Update on my Office/Art Studio Organization Project

I was aware that this project would turn into several, and was even prepared that I was going to have a big mess on my hands prior to things getting cleaner and more organized. There is so much to attack and several very large projects that just had to be broken down; and that’s what I did, OK I admit, I am still doing this "breaking it down to smaller projects" part.

I recently moved and as people do, I was rushed at the last moment. A huge office and art area had turned into literally a nightmare. It was like one of those scenes from those organizing T.V. Shows that forces people you can only assume show how and at some point in their lives simply gave up trying to tackle their pile of stuff. In some cases, you cannot even walk into the room; people just throw stuff onto other piles.

I knew I was in trouble when I had the thought I could be a good subject for calling up one of those shows. But due to the pending move, there’s was no way in hell that I was going to give these T.V. people a call, in fact, let the truth be told, I should be terribly embarrassed I was even thinking of approaching them in the first place, since it was all my fault that the place I had once called an office had gotten so out of control.

I had duplicate file folders where I once or twice or even thrice tried in attempting to organize my every-growing stack of papers. Another example is of my photo collection is truly over whelming. I have boxes upon boxes. All types of paper for the printer for various uses, and do not even ask me to locate my tax files from previous years. I have since decided to get it together with that one!

So I am now tackling what I should have tackled a year ago, since it’s been that long since I have moved. So once I moved, a lot of the junk came with me by default, only because I didn’t make the time then to bring only the reverent to this new place I call home. I was good with the art work, furniture and other house hold belongings’ making sure it was perfect in condition so to speak, in great working order and it was something that I actually use every day or nearly every month.

Yes, life get’s in the way and telling you the truth, I have actually reorganized my office art studio layout several times along with tackling the room’s contents. There is still so much stuff left over though, I have succumbed to being extra harsh on myself this time so that I can have a great productive and creative 2008. At least that’s my plan and I am sticking with it.

But, as I got to it today, I noticed it was getting easier and easier at every boxes’ turn. I would look through and simply toss that which would never be used in the future. I would put in a shoe box for a later project all my business cards and telephone numbers I had collected. I would also only allow myself a certain area of table top space to sprawl out the stuff before putting the few things I was going to keep away in their proper place. Ironically right now and I promised myself I wouldn't be like her, I remind myself of my own mother – Gasp! “Put things in their proper place and once all done, your place will be well kept and clean looking”.

I love the look of those photos in magazines like Architectural Digest and Real Simple Magazine since, that Zen feeling that you could just drop yourself in some comfy sofa with the shaggy coated dog that never sheds who obediently brings you your slippers, while your partner fixes you some hot tea and brings it to you while rubbing out the tense day you may have had from your shoulders. Keep dreaming! Well, what if I did keep dreaming?

So far, I have thrown out three large bags of stuff that no one could ever use. Collected all the old magazine issues and will send them out to the local health center that could easily need some fresh magazine material in their offices. Furthermore, I lessened my quantity of ribbons by two-thirds. Yes, I really got rid of the ribbon. I hated to throw that out, but I had to just be ruthless.

I also went through my entire pile of art pens and reorganized my pen caddy. Putting the funky scissors for scrapbook in one spot along with the jewelry making tools, I started seeing the benefits of all this organizing. So much so, in fact I was able to tackle the upstairs junk drawer. I put the little items with like items in small ziplock bags, brought down more tools that were put together with other tools.

One rule I have found golden is that once something is in your hand, put it back, create a place for it with other like items, and don’t diddle daddle or get sidetracked (which I can easily do) - just put the item, piece of paper where it is supposed to be. I accomplished more today in only four leisurely paced hours than I did in six months of anxiously thinking about this project. I am more energized to attack even more tomorrow.

By tackling even the smallest of projects, you will be able to tackle the larger ones. And in fact, by placing the like items with similar items, such as creating a gathering place for all those business cards for networking purposes, they are no longer cluttering every surface space. And I can now set aside an afternoon to just tackle the business cards, whereas before I wouldn’t even know where to start looking for a contacts calling card.

So now I am off to my Open Mic gig at Susan's Restaurant, I am relaxed and now inside I will come home and already my place feels lighter and slightly enlightened in spirit. Now let’s hope a good crowd comes for tonight’s gig and I will have had one successful day!

Peace, over and out.

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Today's Rant - New PC & Related Issues

I'm all for the latest techno equipment. Its unbelievable how we have evolved - does anyone remember when AOL 3.0 came out? And how (sadly) we were so excited about it...then there was the 5.0, then 6.0 - wow - Now where is AOL? Though I do hear they still have great filtering of email's, but I was recently working at a firm that sent their customers via email links to their proofs online. Everyone who had AOL had issues, they couldn't get their printing proofs. Mind you, their customers were across the United States of America and not everyone has updated to the latest versions of anything.

And this is where I start my story. So I purchased a new laptop - very happy with it, for what's it worth, I had to get a few things fixed prior to it working properly - Note to Microsoft, please fix all Vista issues prior to sending it out onto the store shelves - why let your customer's suffer unneccesarily? - Just a simple point I am making. I had issues that when I went for help; services and companies such as GoDaddy.com and Optonline.net couldn't or hadn't even learned how to handle my issues due to the nuances of Vista. I was plagued with the Blue Screen of Death. Well, that's what I learned through my research this issue was called.

The Blue Screen of Death - you would think that with that name is really did something, like catching terrorists. Nope, in fact it kept your PC in a frozen state of mind. Having said all that, it wasn't my only issue. Yes, I have many issues, but that's not important now, nor is it your concern, and lastly, no - you cannot help me.

In fact a person, a wonderful person normally, did help me get my old files from the old burnt PC over to the new laptop - but not without us screwing up my new versions of Dreamweaver and Photoshop. Nice... I am still trying to get over that one. It was partly my fault so I can't blame this person entirely. But as I look out the window - an actual one, I see wind blowing the trees around and I know change is inevitable.

I was able to find most of my files, but nothing is organized anymore, so I revert to what I mentioned before about organizing your office and home. Do the same with your computer. And wow does it take up a bunch of time! But get rid of all those files that will certainly never serve you well.

Start with one folder then another. Attacking one folder daily, will allow you the presence of mind that within one month, without much effort, your files are all nicely lined up and you will easily find what you are looking for. Especially for such storage cows like me who have all sorts of files for the various businesses I run.

Think about it - look at the emails we generate - why let them take up so much space. Do you ever need that many from your Mom - hey no offense to your Mom by the way, and I am very proud that your Mom is even PC/MAC literate or for that matter you are even communicating nicely with your Mother. But back to storage issues.

I know people who use external storage like it was going out of business. Why do we think we need such storage in the first place? Remember the old and original PC's and how slow they went. In almost every job I had in a office, I was there upgrading equipment like you change the water jug every 2 weeks - at least that's how it seemed.

And I am no techno guru...I have simply been fortunate enough to be slightly young enough to get on the ride of this technology-driven enhancements to our work environment. In fact, while I was still in high school, we had terminals hooked up to a Riverdale School System. I was im'ing back in get this (and I date myself too) back in 1980.

In fact it was then I almost got expelled from High School since I had learned a little about programming (back when it was basic and the beginnings of pascal and dos - yikes) and had broken into some kid's account from a different school. Not only did I use up all his time allotted - at my school we had no limitations, but were encouraged to learn all about computers. I even changed his password, the twerp that he was. His password, and I can still remember it because I thought for such a nerdy-sounding guy, the use of 'James Bond' as a password was literally ridiculous. So after my almost expulsion from school I decided to stay clear of programming and stay inline with my artistic side and try design instead - this was before we even have the easy HTML editors we have now in place.

Try writing straight HTML code now with Java, XML, etc. - forget about it...your eyes alone would get dizzy. And yes, I know there are still purists out there, and I applaud you all! Bravo!!! Encore!!!! Woo hooo...

But I digress, as I usually do. So get into that PC/Mac of yours, and start deleting files you will never ever need. Keep several copies of your files on DVD's in several places, in case of fire or emergency. I would keep several copies, one in the bank, yes in the bank's safe deposit box, your office, besides someplace in our house.

Think of sadly, all the disasters that have happened as of late. Image what people lost in the fires out west or down south with the floods. Your computer has become a life unto itself which contains so much information, that being without one - which I was for two whole years would truly unbelievable and a serious hardship.

And believe me you, for someone who made and still does makes a living working online, to be without a computer is truly something. Image having to go to the library to send out your resume ever time? Or the need to pay for faxing away from home. When you are looking for a job, not having a computer at your easy convenience at home is disturbing.

I know several people who will never touch a computer, don't have one, nor care to. And they are my age (early 40's) - yes these people do exist, and no I will not become one of them. Do they live happy and productive lives, yes! Will they stay my friends, of course! And if they ever need a helping hand when they do decide to get a computer, yes I will be there.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Leah's Daily Photograph

Just one of my images I took the other day for future painting....I really like how the birch trees reflect in this lake's water - Autumn in New York is always wonderful....

With this new blog, I will hopefully put up a new image every day for people's enjoyment.

You can check out the daily image at http://the-daily-image.blogspot.com/

Daily Rant - Organization

Today's Daily Rant -
Organization & Why is it so hard to stay organized? A Simple How To Get Started...

I just don't get it. Why does it take such effort to stay organized. We all enjoy it when our kitchens are clean, the bed is made, when we have clean clothes in our drawers and lastly, when our offices or our work areas are organized.

The obvious benefits are a more calmer state of mind for which one can truly be highly productive - at least that's the goal. The mind can make waves after completing such organizational tasks...and when you really get down to it, it only takes us a few minutes to tackle our messes. And why do we have so much stuff to begin with? Is it our need to keep things we really don't ever use around us to keep us safe? What drives this factor in us humans, I really don't know. All I do know is that I keep procrastinating in tackling some of the easiest of tasks. Am I afraid of success? Scared of nothing to do once I am finished - or am I destined to always have a long "things to do" list that's never completed?

I do know from experience, that once I do start getting organized, the sense of accomplishment is amazing. Yet so simple. I am in fact, proud with glee with the simplest of accomplishments. I am ready to tackle just about anything else which requires far more concentration. But alas, I stay frozen in my predicament. So I write today to admit to my faults and to quite frankly, get my rump into gear. There truly is much I need to do around this place I call home. And if and when I get organized, it is easier to live life as it is meant to be.

Mind you, I have friends who truly would need at least a month of constant cleaning and getting rid of junk and even have heard stories of worse calamities of how people live. I don't leave garbage or food or clothes on the floor. I can usually find something I am looking for within a few minutes. But in this era of time, even minutes looking for something is truly a waste of precious time.

I will share this though, and this is truly a reason to attack one area of your apartment or house today or sometime this week that needs going through: the energy in your home will be lifted. If you are feeling as of late, sick, run down, tired and abnormally blah - get to that office home desk...and start organizing. You will truly be astonished you kept so much stuff in one area or room to begin with and wonder why it took you so long to actually attack this precious and at times, daunting task. The obvious benefits are a calmer sense of serenity if your home or office that will allow you to live like you wish to and not long to live like. It might even get you going and inspire you to attack larger projects, say like that closet you are afraid of opening the door to or the garage. But let us first start small.

Are you a paper clutterer? What about someone who keeps umpteen amounts of plastic bags - now for me, I have an excuse - those plastic bags kept in one bag hanging on my baker's rack is handy for those picking up doggy piles the law tells me to. But do limit your excuses.

Today I will personally be attacking my boxes of art supplies and the like. I have one box - which was already downsized from several which contain only ribbon. I am not currently in the gift basket business - and why in the world do I need soooo much ribbon? I know how I collected it, since stores were going out of business and I could never afford so much ribbon at those bottom-low prices. But I would never know that I would end up with not one but three boxes full of ribbon. Well, I have been thinking of ways give these supplies to some school for use. Heaven knows our schools are in dire need of art supplies and the like.

So as I attack the box of ribbons, I suggest to you make three piles when you start to organize. 1) The Keep Pile - this is stuff that you actually use right now or will in this next year. This also includes papers necessary for tax reasons 2) The Donate Pile. These are items that can easily be used by others - they are in great condition, and a school or other business. - Hey there could be even a tax break for such giving. 3) The Toss Pile. And though this seems obvious, there is so much we have in our homes that could find a new place. Say like the garbage can?!? If you haven't used an item for say two years - ask yourself, what is the cost of buying it new if you need it again, can you borrow one or rent one in exchange of getting rid of this one item? And look at how much valuable space its taking up in your area and home! When you know the answer to these questions, you will be able to decide to toss the item like wet icky smelly garbage.

Yes, its very hard at times to get rid of things we have been attached to. And what about items large like furniture that has outlived its life - or even worse, an item that reminds you of a negative person in your life or has a negative attachment to it? Why in the world would you want to keep that in your special place that should be zen-like and bring you peace? You will be utterly amazed when that one item is removed from your place - you will actually feel a lift of spirits in your home. I've held on to things that belonged to one person or another and when I gave them away, not only did I not have to look at that item that was so not me, I wasn't feeling that negative vibe every time I went by that object. Try it with one thing - and tell me how I saved your life!

This always reminds me of George Carlin's comedian bit about stuff and our fascination of our belongings. "Its my stuff, but its your shit". And why (I paraphrase), he asks, "do we get more stuff (or shit if it's theirs) so that we have to move to a bigger place?" I respond with several suggestions to get out of this rut.

Watch some of those programs of T.V. that help people get organized. Get motivated. And maybe just start small. One recent magazine article I read was truly empowering. Throw out 20 things around your house. This does not include 20 issues of National Geographic Magazines. Yes, a shame to throw out, but a school could use these for a collage project, for example. And it would only count as one item - yes, I know it's more than one - but it's one item for the sake of this exercise. Now, go to your junk drawer - how many wine corks do you actually need and how many wine bottles do you normally have half open to have five wine corks for safe keeping - this would could count as another one item of twenty to be thrown out. And what about those pile of broken baskets or clothes that are stained and you will never wear again. There are so many places one could start this simple task. But the effects are amazing once they are out of your home.

I have attempted this simple exercise and do try to do it once a month. I also have learned from experience, that the more often you do these tasks, the easier it is to decide what to throw out and what not to keep around making dust and fire hazards in our homes. So I just finished taking photographs for the before....of my art studio and office. This is to embarrass myself into actually getting today's chore finished. I know I will be happy and enlightened once that area is organized.

This is so I can be proud by the end of this day when I have hopefully finished this task. This task has daunted me with enough anxiety for weeks now, which I know has delayed my many more important projects that need to assist me in bringing home the bacon. So I end this rant with one thing: get started! Even if its only a little at a time. You'll be proud that you did - and think what you can accomplish afterwards? You won' even know how good you will feel until it's completed - really...get going!

Daily Doings

I've lately have been memorized with the beautiful reflections seen around my neighborhood in lakes and large ponds. I don't know what it is exactly but I have been taking many photos. I first noticed this attraction to water reflections several years ago as I still have trouble painting water reflections - but alas I digress. Back to my water reflection comments.

It must be my earning to see inside myself I guess. But that's so obvious. What I really would like to do is take many of such photos, select my favorites and enlarge them for my next art show. And when that will happen I am not sure just yet.

But I am happy that I just finished my first art photography book - see link above titled, "Peekskill au Natural -A Place for Reflection" Its a short glimpse of my walks recently and images I took that show the incredible beauty in a small city that often gets lost. This one book is one of many I plan to put together. But I am first smart (I hope of course) enough to limit their themes and to select one theme for each book. For each one will have its own purpose.

I am supposed to be putting my 2008 Hudson River Sunset Calendar together and I will be working on that this afternoon. I'll make sure to put up a link to that calendar once available.

As I rework my art studio from confusion to hopeful organization, I have been reading several useful books to assist in me keeping creative throughout my day. Well off to work I go....Chat with you all soon!


Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily Rant

Well, I actually have nothing to rant about except that I was over-zealous in my thinking yesterday. The boyfriend ended up being busy with a laptop...fixing it and I don't think he had time to see my e-mail I sent him which included a new song I wrote for him.

I guess that's why I was so out of sorts last night. I was really pissed that it was laughable. I did try to tell myself to chill, "Chill Leah, Chill, feel like a cool peppermint patty, with the cool wind blowing through your hair." I did not stand on any furniture in doing this, since my dog doesn't know how yet to call 911 if I fall. I don't climb on anything except the low riser bed I have since I refuse to lay there on the floor with a broken ankle, with the dog probably ending up peeing on me while I am incapacitated.

So today, as the dog starts to cry to go out again, I have many things listed on my so called "to do list". I am not sure where to start - here, there, anywhere or simply say - screw the whole thing, let your house be dirty - whose coming over anyway? Who are you trying to impress? Joking aside, I will get to some of those items on the list. They are actually mandatory.

I did practice my music last night, it did feel good. Reminded me if I even wish to get ahead, practice, practice, practice! Ugh.

So I started this blog to help me actually, it's not purely for your laughing enjoyment, but hoping I would come up with a subject, eventually, to start my book on. While writing my daily rants, i figured it would come out naturally. I have several ideas. One is "true stories" - all pretty hilarious, and i am concentrating more on this idea than the others. Than there's the story of my love life - also a comedy albeit all true. Then the last idea - well there are others, but I had thought about writing some fiction - which wouldn't be too hard, since I could take a lot from my own life and that of others. Of course there's the cookbook idea, and other how to books - but all demand time to write and to do something about it. I can't just sit here and blog my life away...or can I?

I know some of you out there in blog land make some dough doing what you like best to do...goofing off. OK I was only kidding, don't get so defensive on me. And don't yell all at once. My ears can only take so much yelling at any one time.

I think I'll start a posting for the true stories...I think that would be a good idea, see if I have enough for a small treasure trove of happenings in my little wee life that's important enough to share with the world.