Friday, April 25, 2008

Today's Rant by The Divaliscious

This week's rants on the so called stars...

I guess Lindsey Lohan still loves to party - she's got a gal pal who loves to DJ, got a little cramp in the DJ booth - well before you know it, an arrest was made...Lohan-Ronson Club Crasher Arrested - E! Online

Now Gary Coleman (40 years old) is no longer Stroked, since he is getting divorced. Not only is he separating ways with his wife (22 years old) - I do not know which is worse of the three: getting divorced, being married to him in the first place or being on TV's Divorce Court (May 1st or 2nd) to let it all air out. Gary Coleman's Divorce Strokes - E! Online

Well, I am sure you have heard about it now, but you better pay the tax man, it seems at if Wesley Snipes cannot avoid jail time. Ouch!

Keep the plastic on your couches and sofas, it seems as if Tom Cruise will come to the Oprah show once again!

And Amy is possibly off the band wagon, sources say she not only behaved poorly the other night at London's night clubs, but move over Lindsey, she was arrested for assault...Report: Amy Winehouse arrested on suspicion of assault - Yahoo! News

Well so much is going on, I am afraid to look at the real news of the world...please you stars, think of better things to do with your time off! Try yoga!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

More Fashion Hems Untrimmed at Fashion Runway

It seems that Nina Garcia formally the fashion editor at Elle Magazine is looking for a different fashion way of life. You may recall that Nina Garcia was one of the judges on the famed Fashion Runway show that recently has taken its show off to Lifetime.

No word from either parties, Nina or from Elle Magazine as to what happen for her to leave so suddenly. But I am sure she will do great things - she was been there at Elle since the year 2000, that even I would get a little crinkle in my fabric if I worked for just one company for so long.

Further more, neither Nina or the beloved Michael Kors have yet to sign up for the next season over at Lifetime. We shall see what happens - it would be a huge shame to not see them - I really feel they make up what I would call the right ingredients of people that only help make this show the huge success that it really it already.

Feel free to read more about it on E! News - Nina Garcia Out at Elle?

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Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Top Chef - a simple rant or is it a rave?

Last night's episode had Ming Tsai guest hosting Top Chef's show on Bravo TV - and what a show it : Top Chef : Season 4 : Home

If you caught the show - then go add your comments on their many blogs..
Here is an excerpt of what I shared as a response to Ming Tsai on his blog section for this episode:

Ming Tsai - I so miss you and your show on the other channel food network, but I have followed you on TV where ever you landed and have caught many of your other shows - your insight, knowledge of fusion cooking, and way of relaying your brilliance in a manner for all to easily understand has always brightened my own thoughts in creating sensational was great to see you in top form on Top Chef tonight, your seasoned mature palette and obvious excellent cooking skills are top notch, I hope the Top Chef contestants took notice of your wise words of wisdom and take your words of wisdom forward another notch to their next challange...

Lastly, I caught your show and further genius in concentrating your successful restaurant in catering to those with special food sensitivities and I simply thought it was beyond brilliance - I know you will continue to go far in your success and in aiding other restaurants to take decent responsibility and note to their customers needs as you do today and every day at your restaurant.

It was great watching you on today's episode of Top Chef. It seemed like you had a lot of fun. Cannot wait to see what you do next! ~warm regards from Divaliscious writer of the Dinner and Jam blog.

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Monday, April 7, 2008

Today's La de da Rant: Fierce Fashion, Fashion Makers Casting Call - Take Note

Since I am a total Divaliscious fan of Bravo's Project Runway, I was quite surprised to hear the news today that Lifetime TV got kudos to grabbing the next hemline season of Project Runway.

Though I must admit, the show's format has been copied almost word for word except for the subject matter for the likes of shows namely Top Chef and the now finished running of Make me a Supermodel. It was sort of weird too, to hear those famous words, 'Please pack your bags' - and the like and scoot on out of here, you've been voted off, etc....from all three shows mentioned above.

Now here is some other related odd news, Bravo's link to Project Runway is still calling for casting new fashion peeps for their next season despite the Lifestyle move:
should you be interested in joining and trying out.

For me, I'd rather stay home, catch it on my DVR and watch people simply squirm over the other's fashionista's 'les faux pas' and hilarious attempts to hem a skirt in chiffon with glue.

Here is a list of the locations of the casting calls for those of you who are fashion forward and feel you got what it takes - heck go for it:
Friday, March 28th
Saturday, March 29th
Sunday, March 30th
W Hotel Los Angeles - Westwood
930 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(NOTE: NO neighborhood parking) - nice huh?
Tuesday, April 1st
W Hotel Chicago Lakeshore
644 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611
Thursday, April 3rd
Hyatt Regency Miami
at the Miami Convention Center
400 Southeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
Saturday, April 5th
Sunday, April 6th
Monday, April 7th
W Hotel Times Square
1567 Broadway at 47th St.
NY, NY 10036

So that's my today's little rant - nothing too special, but if you want to read more about it - you can check out E! News: E! News - Project Runway Shocker - Heidi Klum

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Thursday, April 3, 2008

Naomi Campbell Arrested at Heathrow for Spitting - Some Model Behavior

Today's Gossipy Rant - Naomi Campbell - Sample This Naomi!

There are so many wonderful fashion people out there that simply do not have an issue with spitting - I got to hand it to you, Naomi you are getting a little big for your size O pants. What in the world are you thinking that you can just spit on anyone? And even spit on a police office who serves and helps to protect the public?

I have never been a super big fan of yours, but normally I would just keep my mouth shut from your prior craziness of throwing cell phones like Russel Crow throws phones at concierges. But in this case, I am not even going to pass judgement on you, I am simply going to pass on you - period! Get a grip Naomi regardless of how much money you make - your photographers will have to start using 'weather-proofed' cameras if you keep up this behavior! Ouch and oh yes Oh Meow from Divaliscious!

Sky: Naomi Campbell arrested at Heathrow - Yahoo! News
Click on the above link should you even care to learn more about her latest triumphs oops I mean tyrants.

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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Move Over Brangalina - Jayonce IS the New Power Couple

Of course it had to be on April Fool's Day, but sources say Jay Z and Beyonce strolled through the tome town of Scarsdale, NY and got them selves a marriage license...

I believe last night when I watched this news, I predict that their new combined
name will be Jayonce...You heard their new name here FIRST! Actually I thought about this last night... but I have so much other more important things to think about than a new contraction of their combined names.

That's all I got's to say...except congrats from Divaliscious to two great people! I am sure we will hear so much more about this in coming days!

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