Monday, April 7, 2008

Today's La de da Rant: Fierce Fashion, Fashion Makers Casting Call - Take Note

Since I am a total Divaliscious fan of Bravo's Project Runway, I was quite surprised to hear the news today that Lifetime TV got kudos to grabbing the next hemline season of Project Runway.

Though I must admit, the show's format has been copied almost word for word except for the subject matter for the likes of shows namely Top Chef and the now finished running of Make me a Supermodel. It was sort of weird too, to hear those famous words, 'Please pack your bags' - and the like and scoot on out of here, you've been voted off, etc....from all three shows mentioned above.

Now here is some other related odd news, Bravo's link to Project Runway is still calling for casting new fashion peeps for their next season despite the Lifestyle move:
should you be interested in joining and trying out.

For me, I'd rather stay home, catch it on my DVR and watch people simply squirm over the other's fashionista's 'les faux pas' and hilarious attempts to hem a skirt in chiffon with glue.

Here is a list of the locations of the casting calls for those of you who are fashion forward and feel you got what it takes - heck go for it:
Friday, March 28th
Saturday, March 29th
Sunday, March 30th
W Hotel Los Angeles - Westwood
930 Hilgard Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90024
(NOTE: NO neighborhood parking) - nice huh?
Tuesday, April 1st
W Hotel Chicago Lakeshore
644 N. Lake Shore Dr.
Chicago, IL 60611
Thursday, April 3rd
Hyatt Regency Miami
at the Miami Convention Center
400 Southeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, FL 33131
Saturday, April 5th
Sunday, April 6th
Monday, April 7th
W Hotel Times Square
1567 Broadway at 47th St.
NY, NY 10036

So that's my today's little rant - nothing too special, but if you want to read more about it - you can check out E! News: E! News - Project Runway Shocker - Heidi Klum

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