Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Top Chef - a simple rant or is it a rave?

Last night's episode had Ming Tsai guest hosting Top Chef's show on Bravo TV - and what a show it : Top Chef : Season 4 : Home

If you caught the show - then go add your comments on their many blogs..
Here is an excerpt of what I shared as a response to Ming Tsai on his blog section for this episode:

Ming Tsai - I so miss you and your show on the other channel food network, but I have followed you on TV where ever you landed and have caught many of your other shows - your insight, knowledge of fusion cooking, and way of relaying your brilliance in a manner for all to easily understand has always brightened my own thoughts in creating sensational was great to see you in top form on Top Chef tonight, your seasoned mature palette and obvious excellent cooking skills are top notch, I hope the Top Chef contestants took notice of your wise words of wisdom and take your words of wisdom forward another notch to their next challange...

Lastly, I caught your show and further genius in concentrating your successful restaurant in catering to those with special food sensitivities and I simply thought it was beyond brilliance - I know you will continue to go far in your success and in aiding other restaurants to take decent responsibility and note to their customers needs as you do today and every day at your restaurant.

It was great watching you on today's episode of Top Chef. It seemed like you had a lot of fun. Cannot wait to see what you do next! ~warm regards from Divaliscious writer of the Dinner and Jam blog.

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