Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday's Madness: 2008 MTV Awards, Tatum Oneil

It's been a few weeks since I ranted and raved, so here I go. Monday's Madness starts early here at the Divaliscious Den of Ditties.

Tatum O'Neil - As I woke this morning, I did my own best to keep my own spirits up and to put myself in a good mood, to learn this sad news regarding Tatum, my mouth literally dropped. It oddly put my problems into perspective (I have none now) when compared to someone who I thought was way past the 'just getting their act back together' thing! Whether it is a one time slip up, or otherwise, I hope she gets the help she needs asap,for her children's sake at least, let alone for herself. And lastly, I so hope the press doesn't have a field day with this. Click to read more....

Tatum O'Neal Busted For Crack! - E! Online

MTV Award Show - What a wild weekend it was over at Universals Studios - first the fire, that took out sets that will cost many pretty dollars to replace, and then without skipping a beat, the MTV Awards were some of the best ever. Now the people either had new directors running it, or the starts invited and involved really had an extra good time. It was a very different show as it seemed as time people were friar-roasting themselves, as odd as it seems, check this out if you like...I am sure MTV will re-air the show, so try and catch it if you missed it.
Over-the-top MTV Movie Awards have smoke, no fire - Yahoo! News

A New Journey
- Over the weekend on CBS' Sunday Morning Show which is normally all about good news and is a nice change from the usual news, they ran with a story about the band Journey. Now I am one of those old enough to not only remember when those songs of their's were released, but also enjoyed them as well.

Now for some oddball reason, their former lead singer, Steve Perry, seems to not want to be a part of the band, yet that didn't stop the remaining band members to take it to the road in the past along with various attempts in finding that perfect lead singer to replace Perry's incredible tenor voice that the fans have come to know and love.

But what they (the band) found as the perfect replacement lead singer was right around the 'mouse' corner so to speak. In fact, it was a click of the mouse, a 2 hour research online and found and literally discovered on YouTube was Pineda. Pineda was working in the Philippines, where he is originally from, and was working as a lead signer in a cover band. Pineda has an amazing voice and an amazing ability to sound like various well-known singers from Sting, to Led Zep and of course so much like Steve Perry, the band immediately contacted him to arrange an audition which he passed with flying colors. So I say to the Band Journey, and their newest member, Bravo!
A Journey Back, New Lead Singer Helps Bring Legendary Rock Group Back On The Road - CBS News

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