Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wednesday's Rant: Sharon Stone, Cameron Diaz

Hellow everyone, hoping all is well with you all. So let me get right down to it.

This does not surprise me at all that Sharon Stone is not welcomed at the Shanghai Film Festival. Whether she is welcomed anywhere surprises me completely. I have learned a few things, and at times, keeping your own karma thoughts should be to yourself. So I wish her well with the tongue in her mouth! Enough Said...though if you are interested...
Sharon Stone not welcome at Shanghai film fest - Yahoo! News

Sadly the incredible designer Yves Saint Laurent has past away, I remember buying not only clothes but even make up back in the days. May he now watch over all the fashion blunders in the future and become a fashion angel to those who need it and him.
Yves Saint Laurent Dies At 71 - Yahoo! News
This surprised me but good. One I didn't know that Ed McMahon has been trying to sell his house for over two years, but since it's sadly close to Brittany's, you can imagine the paparazzi. Click to learn more.
Ed McMahon fighting foreclosure on his Beverly Hills home - Yahoo! News

Diddy and Diaz - I won't even go there... their names put together should tell you that it shouldn't be real and is just a rumor, or a one time diddy deal. - Heck maybe there's music in their future. Good luck to all that.

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