Sunday, November 4, 2007

Daily Doings

I've lately have been memorized with the beautiful reflections seen around my neighborhood in lakes and large ponds. I don't know what it is exactly but I have been taking many photos. I first noticed this attraction to water reflections several years ago as I still have trouble painting water reflections - but alas I digress. Back to my water reflection comments.

It must be my earning to see inside myself I guess. But that's so obvious. What I really would like to do is take many of such photos, select my favorites and enlarge them for my next art show. And when that will happen I am not sure just yet.

But I am happy that I just finished my first art photography book - see link above titled, "Peekskill au Natural -A Place for Reflection" Its a short glimpse of my walks recently and images I took that show the incredible beauty in a small city that often gets lost. This one book is one of many I plan to put together. But I am first smart (I hope of course) enough to limit their themes and to select one theme for each book. For each one will have its own purpose.

I am supposed to be putting my 2008 Hudson River Sunset Calendar together and I will be working on that this afternoon. I'll make sure to put up a link to that calendar once available.

As I rework my art studio from confusion to hopeful organization, I have been reading several useful books to assist in me keeping creative throughout my day. Well off to work I go....Chat with you all soon!


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