Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Daily Rant

Well, I actually have nothing to rant about except that I was over-zealous in my thinking yesterday. The boyfriend ended up being busy with a laptop...fixing it and I don't think he had time to see my e-mail I sent him which included a new song I wrote for him.

I guess that's why I was so out of sorts last night. I was really pissed that it was laughable. I did try to tell myself to chill, "Chill Leah, Chill, feel like a cool peppermint patty, with the cool wind blowing through your hair." I did not stand on any furniture in doing this, since my dog doesn't know how yet to call 911 if I fall. I don't climb on anything except the low riser bed I have since I refuse to lay there on the floor with a broken ankle, with the dog probably ending up peeing on me while I am incapacitated.

So today, as the dog starts to cry to go out again, I have many things listed on my so called "to do list". I am not sure where to start - here, there, anywhere or simply say - screw the whole thing, let your house be dirty - whose coming over anyway? Who are you trying to impress? Joking aside, I will get to some of those items on the list. They are actually mandatory.

I did practice my music last night, it did feel good. Reminded me if I even wish to get ahead, practice, practice, practice! Ugh.

So I started this blog to help me actually, it's not purely for your laughing enjoyment, but hoping I would come up with a subject, eventually, to start my book on. While writing my daily rants, i figured it would come out naturally. I have several ideas. One is "true stories" - all pretty hilarious, and i am concentrating more on this idea than the others. Than there's the story of my love life - also a comedy albeit all true. Then the last idea - well there are others, but I had thought about writing some fiction - which wouldn't be too hard, since I could take a lot from my own life and that of others. Of course there's the cookbook idea, and other how to books - but all demand time to write and to do something about it. I can't just sit here and blog my life away...or can I?

I know some of you out there in blog land make some dough doing what you like best to do...goofing off. OK I was only kidding, don't get so defensive on me. And don't yell all at once. My ears can only take so much yelling at any one time.

I think I'll start a posting for the true stories...I think that would be a good idea, see if I have enough for a small treasure trove of happenings in my little wee life that's important enough to share with the world.

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