Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Finding Time - Or how to squeeze an hour into 30 minutes

Do you ever have the feeling you don't have enough time in the day. Do you find yourself boggled by the amount of blogs you have and forget about keeping up with all the blog subscriptions you have. And what about reading your emails, let alone the daily paper. Are you feeling overwhelmed by the amount of information that is coming your way? Lest shall we say do you feel completely inadequate to keep up with the young Jones across the street who have outsourced their reading and updating of all blogs?

Well if you said yes to any one of those questions above, you are not alone! That is for sure! I just saw some short story (that's all I had time to while watching the morning news) of some guy's new book on how to have the four hour work week. He outsourced almost everything except for having sex with his partner.

Yeah, a four hour work week, get real? Some of us barely even have a 50 hours work week, and what about the people who work from home now? Are their work hours not over exceeded by 60 more or so? Of course! So all I have say to this is man Time Flies when you are trying to get things done.

My recommendation is simply to forgo making the bed, outsource everything to someone feeding your pets and family, let someone else sleep with your partner, in fact you should simply outsource your going to the bathroom - that would save at least 20 minutes in a 24 hour period, for sure!

In fact, outsource this blog! Tootle-loo - my five minutes of your time is up!

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