Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mariah Carey's Little Person and Expensive Napping Habits

I got such a chuckle out of this one - except for when I learned she had a little person on the set of her latest video production and set giving her white wine at every turn when the glass was empty. Abuse to me is rather obvious...and I am not talking about the wine....

I frankly have never been an admirer of her or any of her antics....back when, say ten years ago, she is quoted on saying on a Music Awards show I was covering, "I want to be Divaliscious" - I almost wanted to sue for slander.

Now some of you do not know, but this is a name that yours truly came up with over 12 years ago....ran several web sites with this name, giving out free advice, divascopes, etc. and I even mentioned that anyone could be Divaliscious, it was more of a state of being....

I tell you this, Mariah Carey will never be Divaliscious, as much as John McCain will never be... thank my lucky stars! This sort of 'acts' does not do it for me....and I do not want to apologize for it either....I could rant on this one - but why give her any more attention and web time, but I will say this, I feel it is so disrespectful on so many levels in how she treats people. Just like I do not talk about Brittany anymore - like who even cares!!!?

We all know she (well frankly both girls) has had a hard time dealing with the ups and downs of stardom - so many starlets have had issues...but got to tell you, this one takes the cake for this weeks oops's! Oh Meow!

Mariah - Divaliscious you are not - so don't even try!

Click on link if you are curious about reading how one person who was on the production set saw things...
Manic Mariah's Little Drinkin' Buddy and $28,000 Nap - E! Online

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