Sunday, August 31, 2008

Fun Musings of Surfing this week - Do You Know How Many Goats You Are Worth and More...

As I surf the net - ok let me say this instead, when I am bored and start 'stumbling' - which is a great app by the way, I find all sorts of things. About every two weeks, I try and share some of the more interesting finds - so this is the results from this weeks surfing just to keep you amused...

  • Just in case you are curious, you can click on the link below, take a short 10 question quiz and find out how many goats you would be worth in terms of your dowery...just in case you were wondering...How Many Goats? What will your dowry be?
  • In case you are wondering how to keep clean from reading all my smut on Mariah Carey or other failing starlets, learn how to make candles and soap from this well organized website...Candle & Soap Making Techniques
  • Wow, if you would like some Swedish Fun - I actually know the Hubby of the wife that makes these lovely toys for adult fun....gorgeous art for play I say!...Cense - Home Page - tell her that Divaliscious sent you!
And speaking of inventions, I dreampt this morning of a wacky cool bike/skateboard/skooter which I should go off and invent - it worked great in the dream...(ok I also had an odd zen-like stonehedge dream too - but we won't go there...)

Have a Divaliscious Day my Darling Young Ones!

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