Friday, July 25, 2008

Granite Counter Tops Emit Radon - Oh My! A Rant by Divaliscious

I was simply minding my own bees wax this morning while preparing myself to walk my pet dog, Theo when my eared perked up to this latest news I learned on CBS' The Early Show today.

It seems that red, pink and purple colored granite gives off more than other colors of granite, but it is suggested that all granite tops be tested. What is the big deal you ask about Radon Gas? Radon Gas is a carcinogen that is causes cancer, especially lung cancer in non-smokers. Who Knew?!

Now one suggestion was to make sure the air in your kitchen is refreshed daily. But I would suggest reading the article below by clicking on link. It provide far more links to learn more about the potentially dangerous risk in your kitchen.

Granite Countertops A Health Threat?, Tests Show Some Emit Radon Levels That Could Cause Concern; Marble Makers Dismiss Fears - CBS News

I am one who does not have granite counter tops, nor marble for that matter. I do have a slab of marble for when I do pastries and fudge, but that's about it. My concern, and rant today is are we ever really safe in our kitchens?

Egad! It seems like everywhere we turn, there it another threat of some kind.

What are your thoughts on this and granite counter tops possibly emitting radon gas into your homes?

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