Friday, January 4, 2008

A Happy New Year Message

Today's rant is simple. Why do we have to improve ourselves? Why do we even try? Why do we even write out the same resolutions every year?

I looked up at my list, I could have used the same list from several years ago, and quite frankly, even a few decades ago. Is that embarrassing for me? Well, of course it is. But as I age with every New Year since it's my birthday, I become more wise, but obviously not wise enough to have earned the ability to write new resolutions!

Though I know it has become human nature to want to improve ourselves, for our children's sake, etc. - though I don't have any of those, except for the pets. We, it seems always wish for a few of the same things over and over again: a better job, to lose weight, more wealth in our lives, a new love, better communication with our loved ones, a great vacation, etc. This list could go on with specifics, but you know what is on your list. And I am sure there is one item I listed above that is on your own list. I know it is, so don't even try to hide it.

I start this year one year older than last, though as always, I feel this is the year I am finally going to do something about it or them, my long list of resolutions. Though I do believe there were a few years there that I did not actually write them down, what for - I asked myself? Especially since it seems it's always the same list. I should just change the year.

Oddly though, writing out 2008 was easier this year than last. It usually takes my into March when my hand finally decides it's the next year and stops making mistakes, I know I am not alone in this. But that's how it goes.

Let's all hope for a great year, in getting the exercise we need, to ability to lose and keep those extra pounds off, and the verve and energy to at least try to stop smoking , finding that great job, saving more money, etc. May you all at least complete your list and have success in at least a few of those resolutions on your list! I know I am going to try once again!

Happy New Year 2008!

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